An Italian supply
chain for projects and
products with one lowest
common denominator:

All stages of production are done internally at Rawood that has experts in all processes up until final lacquering.

Whether standard or bespoke, every project and product is designed and created to measure, customised down to every detail to give the end customer a unique experience and Italian excellence.

Rawood products are entirely Italian – from design to production – and hand-crafted thanks to its carpentry shop of professionals specialising in different stages of the production process.

The preliminary creation and conception phase represents the heart of the development of each project.

Next, sketches and drawings have to be turned into tangible products and the phase of searching for raw materials and the necessary woods begins: cocobolo, domestic walnut, canaletto walnut, ebony, walnut, oak and koa are some of the types of wood skilfully worked by the teams of craftsmen to create products capable of meeting the most demanding requirements.


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    Rawood is a “La Bottega del Falegname” Brand