Nepente Collection

Tanghero #1

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Tanghero is a coffe table
TANGHERO is a series of tables in various sizes, distinguished by the pronounced design of his round base. Shaped by an unexpected and evocative use of geometrical motifs, colors and finishes, this makes for a complex yet familiar, coherent and ever-changing creative universe, where the ornament appropriately serves the piece within the context of its environment. TANGHERO’s design narrative blend the craftsman’s painstaking attention to detail with the artist’s unerring instinct, creating both a functionally physical and profoundly emotional connection with the whole of a person.

  • SIZE:
  • Length 900 mm
  • Height 400 mm
  • Depth 900 mm
  • Profile: lacquer salvia and black extra matte
  • Body: lacquer rosa giovane extra matte
  • Frame: powder coated metal black extra gloss and salvia extra matte
  • Top: honed Marquiña marble