With Love, always.

Lucetta is a wall light
LUCETTA straddles a fine line between architecture and design, finding a flawless balance between solid matter and light. An example of simplified function achieved via an interplay of shapes.
Its elegant and primary aesthetic, timeless and easy to read, the craftsman’s painstaking attention to detail and sculptural materials along the masterful pairing of finishes turn into the highlights of the object.
The vast choice of finishes and hues, along with the variety of material combination, make it possible to obtain countless personalized configurations and solutions.
A simple object becomes sculpture.

  • SIZE:
  • Length 220 mm
  • Height -1 mm
  • Depth 75 mm
  • Frame: Canaletto walnut wood/Italian walnut wood/ extra gloss or extra matte lacquer
  • Body: honed Marquiña/Calacatta gold marble extra gloss or extra matte laquer
  • Details: fluted glass, smoked finish