Nepente Collection


Be you, bravely.

Culaccino is a Chair
Brought to you by a very personal burst of imagination CULACCINO is shaped by fostering tensions between past and future, tradition and revolution, super-vernacular and supernatural. An irreverent take on geometry, proportions and colors that draw their inspiration from distant realms in time and space.
CULACCINO is part of a complex, coherent and ever-changing creative universe, where the ornament appropriately serves the piece within the context of its environment.
The vast choice of finishes and hues, along with the variety of customizable details, make it possible to obtain countless personalized configurations and solutions.

  • SIZE:
  • Length 480 mm
  • Height 735 mm
  • Depth 480 mm
  • Frame: powder coated metal black extra gloss
  • Seat: velvet (color upon request)
  • Profile: Italian walnut wood and lacquer black extra gloss
  • Details: Italian walnut wood