Nepente Collection


Familiar Uniqueness.

BONDO is a Storage and Cocktail Cabinet
BONDO along with SAGITTA is a series of storage cabinet both familiar and unique.
Using uncommon traditions of craftsmanship in totally novel ways and by pushing at the physical boundaries of natural materials we expanded rooted vocabularies and design narratives into a new visual language. Both soft and sculptural.
The narrative of the geometric wings covered in woven-straw, the rounded contours that curve gracefully around the sides and the hidden bar compartment is shaped by fostering tensions between past and future, tradition and revolution, super-vernacular and supernatural.
The vast choice of finishes and hues, along with the variety of customizable elements, make it possible to obtain playful yet sophisticated and glamorous combinations.

  • SIZE:
  • Length 1990 mm
  • Height 750 mm
  • Depth 480 mm
  • Wings: natural Viennese straw on extra gloss black lacquer frame
  • Body: Canaletto and italian walnut natural finish
  • Interior: matte terracotta lacquer and Canaletto walnut wood
  • Handle: extra gloss black lacquer
  • Details: honed Marquiña marble