The Honesta collections are the result of synergy with international designers.

Created from the timeless craftsmanship experience and expert use of Rawood’s raw materials, Honesta is an Italian brand dedicated to the conception, creation and development of collections of unique pieces, designs characterised by high standards of quality which are also innovative and evolved.

Honesta speaks about Made in Italy and the craftsmanship of Rawood professionals, combined with international influences, thanks to synergies with the designers who sign the collections

These are the synergies that make the Honesta collections dynamic and constantly evolving, characterised by a clear stylistic basis, but always different from each other because animated by the artistic quid of the designers who create them.

For each collection there is a designer capable of capturing the spirit of the times and reinterpreting the raw material.

Dynamic and innovative

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    Honesta is a Rawood project, brand of “La Bottega del Falegname”